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ZOMECloud Smart Grid Management Platform

The promises of today's, and tomorrow’s Smart Cities include energy independence, optimized energy usage, cost containment, and carbon neutrality. ZOME technology is the key to realizing these promises.

ZOME’s patented algorithms, designed for energy efficiency, grid-orchestration, and transactive energy, enable innovative energy programs that are a win for building owners, energy providers, and the environment.

ZOMECLOUD is a cloud-based grid orchestration platform that provides control and optimization algorithms for distributed energy resource management, energy efficiency control systems, and demand response programs.

ZOME’s machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms follow end user energy consumption patterns to reduce energy demand without sacrificing comfort levels.




ZOME provides a wide-scale, device-independent, platform solution comprising cloud software, algorithms, and API’s enabling control, simulations, and analytics to implement or improve energy management programs. The platform is cloud based, supports IoT devices (e.g., connected thermostats), and provides for advanced Distributed Energy Resource Optimization.


ZOME automates the management and optimization (including helping third-party DERMS — Distributed Energy Resources Management System– players) of responses to condition-based energy distribution network requests. The modular architecture is provided as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) basis, to be white-labeled for utilities, aggregators, or other partners.



ZOME’s underlying ColorPower algorithms incorporates the management of the full suite of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), including Energy Efficiency (EE), Demand Response (DR), Distributed Generation (DG), Distributed Storage (DS) and Vehicle to Grid (V2G). It provides a holistic approach to “supply-demand optimization”, while meeting the balanced needs of energy providers, end-consumers of energy services, and regulators.


ZOME Analytics allows for analytics-based optimization of currently running DER and DR programs, whether ColorPower algorithm-based or not.