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ZOME Announces ZOMEKIT 2 Providing Improved Security, Increased Range and Deeper Integration with Third Party Vendors

May 20, 2019

ZOME Energy Networks announces the availability of the next generation of ZOMEKIT, easing the conversion of apartment buildings into smart energy buildings.

Cambridge, MA, USA, May 20, 2019-- ZOME Energy Networks, a leader in residential and commercial grid orchestration solutions, has announced the fall availability of ZOMEKIT 2 featuring updated hardware, software and enhanced APIs for integration with third party solutions.

Upgraded Hardware

ZOMEKIT 2 has an all-new enclosure that provides extended range into more building units reducing the costs required for single and multi-building deployments. Enhanced coverage improves the flexibility of placement of ZOMEKIT 2 into deeper, more secure locations.

Upgraded Software

ZOMEKIT 2 on-board software has been upgraded new and updated protocols that provide enhanced security layers both on the wireless mesh network and external connections. ZOMEKIT 2 also introduces easier setup processes decreasing the cost of installation and support.

ZOME is currently deploying beta units in the field and will have full availability in fall 2019.


Contact Information:

ZOME Energy Networks
Richard A. Bennion
CMO, VP of Marketing

About ZOME Energy Networks:

ZOME provides building owners and energy providers solutions that enable energy efficiency, revenue generation and wholesale energy trading. ZOME’s patented algorithms, designed for energy efficiency, grid-orchestration, and transactive energy, enable innovative energy programs that are a win for building owners, energy providers, and the environment.


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