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Press Release

ZOME completed installation of the Smart Energy enabler “ZOMEKit” into the Virginia Oaks Apartment complex in Dallas, Texas.

November 19, 2021

ZOME completed installation of the Smart Energy enabler “ZOMEKit” into the Frances Place
Apartment complex in Dallas, Texas.  The Gateway, repeaters, smart thermostats, and
networked on/off switches for hot water heaters were installed throughout the building, and
allow the building to act as a system connected to the ZOMECloud backend system for advanced
energy applications like local energy savings and wholesale market energy participation.

Moreover, the property owners, Ameriwest Properties, are allowing ZOME to use the Virginia
Oaks Property as a demonstration site, a “Showcase Property” for others to come visit and see
the ZOME energy management system in action. “We’ve just started running interested 3 rd
parties through the buildings at Virginia Oaks, all of them outfitted with ZOMEKit,” said Mr.
Sam Wynn, ZOME’s head of sales and deployments. “When people see the system working in
real-time, get to touch the thermostats, use the mobile app, and the like, it all becomes
understandable, believable, and rests any concerns one has about the technology and the tenants
acceptance,” Mr. Wynn concluded.

Virginia Oaks is virtually visit-able here:

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